Jean-Marie Fage was born in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in the Vaucluse in 1925.

At 4 years old, a medical error deprived him of his left eye.

The other eye sees and forges its unique look from early childhood.

As a young teenager, he reads and writes poetry, and practices drawing and painting.

He leaves to paint on the motif with a small group of amateur artists, discover the history of painting with black and white reproductions.

His vocation was born, irrepressible. He will never stop painting, far from mainstream trends.

  • In 1946, at the end of the war, he became friends with René Char who declaimed to him the proofs of his collection Feuillets d'Hypnos from their first meeting.

He also met Auguste Chabaud, whom he regularly visited in his farmhouse in the Alpilles.

René Char introduces him to Camus and Georges Braque, to whom he shakes hands with his works on paper. Braque gives him a "Keep going!" "That never stopped ringing.

  • In 1950 his desire to lead an artist's life led him to Paris with these encouragement in viaticum.

He then learned the profession of architect's collaborator, and continued his training as a painter in André Lhote's studio.

  • In 1963, his first exhibition, prefaced by René Char, was greeted with enthusiasm.

This success feeds his hope of living from his painting. The same year, he left Paris to return to live in the Vaucluse.

In the years that followed, the profession of architect did not completely fade before the imperious call of painting.

  • In 1968, he met the painter Louis Latapie who opened him up to new plastic research which he developed after his installation in Goult in 1976.

From now on, he devotes himself fully to painting.

His pictorial universe, from landscapes to workshops, is always full of poetry.

His poet friends, René Char, Jacques Kober, Jean-Pierre Geay, Charles Walker and Eugène Guillevic are dear to him.

It illustrates many collections, and more recently “poor books” in collaboration with Daniel Leuwers.

Jean-Marie Fage,Biographie

Extract from René Char's text for the invitation card for the 1963 exhibition Paris, Arlette Chabaud gallery

"Jean-Marie Fage is a painter at the start of his journey. But what he paints, let me understand, he can as well draw it. And his drawing, under the influence of painting, orders it , flows like an associated stream. "