L‘Image within An Image’ – Introduction


Guy Bourdin is considered to be one of the most daring and intriguing artists in the world of 20th century visual culture. With an eye of a painter, he was able to create fascinating images in terms of storytelling, compositions and colors, exploring the realms between the absurd and the sublime. Using fashion photography as his medium, his photographic ambiguous settings, suggestive narratives and surreal aesthetics, radically broke conventions of commercial photography. He was able to touch generations of readers by creating a moment of magic using a transient form of expression – the glossy

magazine page. His legacy and inspirational work is now exhibited and celebrated by major museums around the globe and numerous posthumous publications


A singular artist with a unique perception of art, fashion, advertising and life, and a relentless search for perfection, Guy Bourdin was responsible for the groundbreaking turning point in the world of image-making in the late 70s.


Guy Bourdin, ‘Image within an Image’ aims to capture the most significant period of his career and focus on the unique body of work that Guy Bourdin produced

together with Nicolle Meyer as his lead model.

This exhibited body of work, present the final selected images as a compilation of French Vogue editorials and various advertising campaigns such as: Charles Jourdan, Versace and the Pentax calendar.


For the first time, this exhibition unveils a rare collection of Polaroids that echo Bourdin’s interest in the artistic record of the world around him alongside a rare collection of ‘work in progress’


“In editing, we sensed that we entered into a nearly private domain of a creator, who was pooling together, ideas, thoughts, dreams. We saw the fluidity of imagination transformed into a final image. The research became a cruise of moments captured en route: personalities, situations, landscapes, colors, objects and details, familiar, yet remote.”


Guy Bourdin’s inquisitive mind and eye makes the journey

simultaneously intense, surprising and full of humor. Like a fine artist or a film director we see Guy Bourdin, collecting ideas, amassing a mental and physical repository, a well of inspiration for future images.”


         Shelly Verthime, Curator 

© The Guy Bourdin Estate, 2019/Courtesy of Art and Commerce